The Zoning Bylaw establishes different categories of land use (zones), each having its own set of permitted and discretionary uses and the regulations that apply to the zone (setbacks from property lines, maximum area of a property that can be built on, amount of required parking, etc.). 

Permitted uses are those which can be approved by the Development Officer when an application conforms to the standards and regulations within Zoning Bylaw 1-2015. 

Discretionary Use:  City Council may at their discretion approve the use of land and buildings for a specific purpose.  Council may prescribe additional development standards specific to that site and/or use. If you are considering developing on a piece of property or changing the land use, please contact us to determine the current zoning of the property. If your intended use is considered discretionary, you must first apply for approval from City Council.   

See our Discretionary Use Brochure and application form for making a discretionary use application to City Council.

Zoning Amendments  

Rezoning is the process of changing the zone that applies to a property or parcel of land. Rezoning is required if you wish to develop your site in a manner that is not allowed by the current zoning bylaw.

If you wish to rezone your property, you may request an amendment to the Zoning Bylaw using the Rezoning Brochure and Zoning Amendment Application.

Development Appeals  

The North Corman District Development Appeals Board (DDAB) is an independent body formed by six municipalities to hear appeals under various sections of the Planning and Development Act, 2007. Appeals include refusal of permitted uses, development standards for discretionary uses, minor variances, misapplication of the Zoning Bylaw in issuing a development permit, refusal to issue a development permit that would contravene the Zoning Bylaw, and any of the conditions of a Zoning Order issued on the property.

Minor Variance  

If your proposal does not conform exactly to the requirements of the zoning by-law, but follows its general intent, you can apply for a minor variance to the City.  A minor variance is a request for "up to 10% of any yard requirement or minimum required distances between buildings for a use that is permitted or discretionary use.” (Zoning Bylaw 18-2008).

A minor variance can be requested by filling out the Minor Variance Application Form and attaching a site plan and application fee.   If your application if refused, you may appeal this decision within 30 days through the Development Appeals Process.

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