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Why Martensville for Business? 

Youthful and Growing Population, Demand for Local Services, Location and Transportation advantages with new areas for Development are all making Martensville one of the Prairie's hottest markets for Investment.

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Community Investment Profile


 Location and Transportation Advantages

Martensville is located in the Saskatchewan's most prosperous economic region, minutes away from Saskatchewan’s largest city and 15 minutes away from the province’s largest airport, John G. Diefenbaker Airport.

The City sits along the busy Highway 12, one of Saskatchewan’s busiest highways with a daily traffic count of over 15,000 vehicles, adding to the success of our retail businesses.  The new Highway 12 Overpass has improved access and safety of residents and visitors been a key feature of the growing transportation infrastructure in the area. 

Martensville is within 30 minutes of intermodal transport of the country’s two major rail lines and over 150 trucking and freight companies.

Our location enables easy access to the Yellowhead Highway which connects Saskatoon to major Western Canadian Markets.



Market Advantages

High Demand For Local Services 

Martensville’s growth has resulted in a high demand for local services. In 2010 the City conducted a study to examine the market for new services in the community, the opportunities to expand existing local services, and future requirements in existing commercial areas. 

In 2013 the Retail Services Survey asked residents about their shopping behaviours and preferences for additional business development, retail and healthcare services in Martensville.  The studies found an overwhelming desire by residents to see an increase in local services. Also, Martensville should continue to facilitate the development of commercial areas.

Since then, Business has been booming with Commercial Assessment values increasing in value twelvefold and the number of Storefront businesses increasing by 100 businesses since 2010.

Growing and Youthful Population

Recognized as one of the fastest growing centres in Western Canada, Martensville quickly transitioned to a village in 1960's to Saskatchewan's 14th City in 2009.  Population growth has increased the capacity for local service and business growth.  Of the nearly 11,000 people living in Martensville, one of the most unique features is that 75% of our population is under the age of 45.  This feature represents households that are active, consumers,  in the workforce and desire to see an increase of services near where one lives.

Population Increase-Statistics Canada
Stats Canada, Growth Rates, Martensville vs Saskatchewan 
  Martensville Saskatchewan  
1996-2001 25.43% -1.14%    
2001-2006 14.04% -1.10%    
2006-2011 55.00% 6.74%    
2011-2016 23.55% 6.29%    
2016-2021 10.70% 3.10%    



Martensville has one of the highest household incomes within and compared against the Provincial average.

Martensville Construction Activity

In the last decade, fast and steady population growth resulted in new neighbourhoods with new and modern homes. From 2006 to 2012,  1,400 new single family and multi-family units were built in Martensville.  Commercial permits have also seen substantial increases with 2015 being a record year.

For additional details on current and historical building permit statistics please visit our Building and Permits Section in this website 


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