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Please complete the Application for Water and Service Utility Services and send it along with the water meter deposit if applicable to City Hall at 37 Centennial Drive South, Box 970 Martensville, SK S0K 2T0. The deposit is required before move-in or possession date.

Bills are mailed monthly. Payment is due upon receipt and is considered to be in arrears if unpaid within thirty (30) days.  The City offers a number of convenient ways for account payments.  

Sign up for Online Account Services  ***Please be Advised***  There is a known issue with @sasktel.net email servers blocking eNotices and eReceipts.  What may help is adding afast@martensville.ca to your trusted contacts list , adjusting spam filter settings or contacting Sasktel.net directly for email support.

Make Pre-authorized Monthly Payments

Notes on Accounts:

  • Accounts are overdue after 30 days; interest of 2.5% will be charged on outstanding balances
  • Accounts unpaid after 60 days will receive a reminder notice and must be paid within seven (7) days. If unpaid after the 7 day period, a registered letter will be sent advising payment must be made within 30 days, and $25.00 service fee will be added to the account. It left unpaid, service may be disconnected and/or added to your property taxes. A $50.00 reconnection fee will be charged during regular working hours; after hours the fee is $100.00.
  • To discontinue pre-authorized monthly payments, please complete the Pre-authorized Discontinuation Form and submit it to City Hall.


The City of Martensville purchases treated water from Saskatchewan Water Corporation, which is supplied to them by the City of Saskatoon.

The Water Security Agency manages the province's water supply, protect water quality, ensure safe drinking water and treatment of wastewater.

Municipalities own, and are responsible, for municipal drinking water facilities and their operation. View water sampling for Martensville

Water & Sewer Rates (effective March 1, 2022)

  • Flat rate for water: Minimum charge of $12.50 per month.
  • Water consumption rate: $4.63 per cubic metre ($21.06/ 1,000 gallons).
  • Flat rate for sewage: $29.00
  • Infrastructure Replacement Fee:$2.00

Annual Waterworks Financial Overview



Water Quality and Compliance Annual Notice to Consumers

2022 Notice to Consumers
2021 Notice to Consumers
2020 Notice to Consumers
2019 Notice to Consumers
2018 Notice to Consumers
2017 Notice to Consumers
2016 Notice to Consumers
2015 Notice to Customers 
2014 Supply Chemical Health Data 
2014 Distribution Notice to Customers 

Sewer Flushing and Maintenance 

This is a regular preventative maintenance activity that must be conducted to ensure the sewer system is operating efficiently. Every effort will be made to minimize the disruption and inconvenience to the residents of Martensville.  Learn more about this program and what to expect.  


Resident wastewater is conveyed via multiple lift stations within the City to a system of lagoon cells,  Wastewater moves through the cells and is treated through microbes, natural chemical processes and enzymes enhanced with an aeration system.   Once treated, the water is ready to be discharged from the lagoon via miles of underground piping to the South Saskatchewan River.   

The treated water, or 'effluent' is typically discharged between May until October but is held in the lagoon cells through the months where we experience below freezing temperatures. 

Due to ongoing growth, the City’s current lagoon system and water and wastewater infrastructure is not sufficient for growing demands and upgrades to the infrastructure are underway.

Upgrading Our Infrastructure

In 2014 the City of Martensville signed an MOU with the City of Saskatoon that would see Saskatoon provide water and wastewater services to Martensville so that demand for service could be met while the upgrades are being made.

These upgrades include:

  • Upgrades to existing lagoons
  • New gravity conveyance system to connect to the City of Saskatoon’s sanitary sewer system
  • Upgrades to existing sewage lift station
  • Upgrades to the water supply reservoir and pumping stations
  • New water main that will connect to Saskatoon’s drinking water supply system

Once the upgrades are made, the City will purchase its drinking water directly from the City of Saskatoon.

Funding to substantially complete these upgrades was obtained through a New Build Canada Fund grant ($20.16 million) the City received in early 2019. The upgrades should be complete by 2022.

See more information about this project.

What’s Safe to Flush and Pour Down the Drain

Flush only toilet paper with waste down the toilet.  

Items such as paper towel and disposable wipes cannot be flushed down the toilet, even if the package says it is flushable.  

Food products containing grease, fats and oils, coffee grounds, and materials like flushable wipes, paper towel, personal hygiene items, birth control methods, pharmaceuticals and hair can cause build-ups that clog pipes and create sewer back-ups. This can result in costly damage to both your home’s sewer system and the City’s sanitary sewer system.

Items that should never be flushed down sinks, drains and toilets are:

  • Fats, oils and grease
  • Diapers, wet wipes, rags, bandages
  • Dental floss, cotton swabs, condoms, cosmetics
  • Personal hygiene products (tampons, applicators, sanitary napkins)
  • Pills and medicine
  • Cigarette butts
  • Paper towels
  • Children toys
  • Bleach and ammonia
  • Clean solvents and spot removers
  • Disinfectants
  • Hot tub and swimming pool chemicals
  • Oven cleaners
  • Septic tank cleaners
  • Alkyd, latex and oil-based paints
  • Lacquers, stains and varnishes
  • Paint thinners, strippers and solvents
  • Petroleum-based products such as motor oil and gasoline


  • Wipe plates and dishes clean of fats, sauces, and dressings before washing.
  • Compost organic waste (food scraps, coffee grounds and paper towel) in your organics bin.
  • Return unused pills and other pharmaceuticals to the pharmacy.
  • Dispose of wipes, diapers, personal hygiene products, and birth control methods in the garbage.
  • Unload hazardous products at the household hazardous waste drop-off site.


The City of Martensville uses a combination of surface drainage and storm sewer to drain water. Water is directed into storm water retention ponds prior to exiting the City via the Opimihaw Creek.

Find out more at Drainage & Elevations

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