The City of Martensville purchases treated water from Saskatchewan Water Corporation, which is supplied to them by the City of Saskatoon. Martensville water and sewer is processed through our water distribution/sewage collection system.

As the City continues to grow, and to meet the demand for water and sewer services in the long-term, our infrastructure will require upgrades. 

Water and Sewer Rates (effective May 2018)


Flat rate minimum charge of $12 per month.


Additional consumption charge for water used of $4.22 per cubic metre     ($19.19/ 1,000 gallons).


$27.50 Flat Rate

MOU with the City of Saskatoon

In February 2014 the City signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the City of Saskatoon to provide water and waste water services to Martensville.

We are examining the best options for maintaining and upgrading our existing water and wastewater infrastructure, and are planning a large capital upgrade and renewal project to meet increased environmental regulations, and an expected doubling of our population by 2040.

We completed a business case that confirmed the most efficient means by which to address waste water is through a connection from Martensville to Saskatoon. We are awaiting confirmation regarding our success in receiving federal and provincial funding (2/3 of the total cost) to complete the capital upgrade and renewal project.


To set up an account, complete and send the Water & Sewer Utility Service Form, along with your deposit to City Hall at 37 Centennial Drive South, Box 970  Martensville, SK  S0K 2T0

Please note: The water meter deposit is required before move in or possession date.

Bills are mailed monthly and payment is due upon receipt and is considered to be in arrears if not paid within thirty (30) days. 

Accounts are overdue after 30 days, and will be charged 2.5% interest on the outstanding balance.  If the account remains unpaid after 60 days, a reminder notice will be sent that your account is now 60 days in arrears and must be paid within seven (7) days.  If the account remains unpaid after the 7 day period, a registered letter will be sent advising the deadline for payment must be made within 30 days.  At this point, a $25.00 service fee will be added to your account.  If arrears are not paid at the end of the 30-day period, service may be disconnected and/or added to your property taxes.  If services are disconnected, there is a $50.00 reconnection fee if service is connected during regular work hours, or $100.00 if after regular working hours.

Lost or Misplaced Bills

Bills are mailed within the first ten days of the month. If you do not receive a bill or misplace it, please contact us and we will advise of the balance owing on your account. Please be aware that such situations do not warrant waiver of late charges.

You may also make monthly or weekly payments to correspond with your paydays. Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque, Internet, Telephone Banking, or Debit Card.

Change of Address

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Water & Sewer Reports

The Water Security Agency leads the management of the province's water resources to ensure safe drinking water sources and reliable water supplies for economic, environmental and social benefits for Saskatchewan people.   

If you have questions about where your water comes from please visit Water Security Agency

Annual Waterworks Financial Overview
(as required under the Municipalities Regulations)

Water Quality and Compliance Annual Notice to Consumers


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