2020 Road Rehabilitation Projects

The Federal Gas Tax Fund program in Saskatchewan is administered by the provincial government to help support municipalities.

Of the $1.5 million dollars budgeted in Martensville for roadways in 2020, $900,000 of that is funded by the Federal Gas Tax Fund.  This includes: 

-This work consists of milling the existing asphalt, replacing the subgrade structure, and overlaying a new asphalt driving surface.
-There are also some concrete repairs being completed at the same time to improve storm drainage in
the area. 

 -This work consisted of milling the existing asphalt, leveling, and overlaying a new asphalt driving surface.

-This work consisted of milling the existing asphalt, leveling, and overlaying a new asphalt driving surface. The work will be broken up in two sections, the first closure will be from 1st Street South to 4th Street South.
-The second section of the road closure will be from 4th Street South (including the intersection) to 6th Street South.
-A third section added, included extending work south to City limits

-This work consisted of milling the existing asphalt, leveling, and overlaying a new asphalt driving surface. ---Some concrete work adjacent to the roadway was also completed

- Expected to take one day to complete,
-SUTO (Super Ultra Thin Overlay) 

- Expectecd to take 2 days to complete
- SUTO (Super Ultra Thin Overlay) 

-Work to rebuild the road and pave due to sewer main replacement project

  • Main Street Extension, Joint Project with RM of Corman Park

- Extend paving of Main Street from 16th Avenue North to Range Road 3052

Minor Road Repairs

We want to ensure roads and sidewalks are safe for vehicles and pedestrians.  Pot hole repair, crack sealing, back lane maintenance and street sweeping are all part of the daily-ongoing maintenance of our streets.  If you spot a problem, have a concern or have a question we encourage you to utilize our Report an Issue feature on the website to report it.  The problem will be brought to our attention, checked out, and if warranted added into the Roadways’ work orders.

Martensville Asset Management and Repair/Maintenance Plan

The quality of City streets is important to all residents and is an important piece of infrastructure that must be managed to ensure the life of the road can be maximized.  The City of Martensville budgets annually for major road repair projects under its asset management plan and pavement assessment study, however not all streets can be fully rehabilitated every year.   A pavement assessment study was completed in 2017 and a number of factors are considered when determining which streets are slated for repair and maintenance, such as age of the street, its classification (local, arterial, collector) and overall evaluation, current condition and rate of degradation.  Comprehensive pavement assessments are done every five years.

Provided is the inventory of streets (click to enlarge) and anticipated timelines for repair, however timelines are subject to change. A corresponding map highlights the anticipated repair cycle for each street. 

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