The Water Meter Read/Estimate Schedule

Between the months of October and May, the City puts in place an alternating schedule that includes meter reading for half of the City.  The alternating schedule is in place during these months due to extra time required to complete city-wide, month to month meter reads.  Changes to seasonal staffing, colder temperatures, inclement weather, higher priority maintenance issues in cooler seasons, are all contributing factors in encouraging residents to provide their own meter reading.

Commencing October- North will have meters estimated, South will be read and residents should submit their readings to City Hall. 
November- South Estimated or Submitted, North reads 
December-  South reads, North estimated or submitted
January- South estimated or submitted, North reads
February- South reads, North estimated or submitted
March- South estimated or submitted, North reads
April- South reads, North estimated or submitted
May- South estimated or submitted, North Reads
June - South reads, North estimated or submitted
July- South estimated or submitted, North Reads

Commencing in May 2020 and going forward, the Read/Estimate schedule will continue due in relation to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

North Martensville areas are all addresses north of Main Street, with the exception of Kinsmen Crescent (which is considered part of South Martensville) while South Martensville are all areas south of Main Street (including South Martensville). Lake Vista is identified as its own area, and are read monthly.

Why should you provide us your Meter Read?

  • Your water bill will be based on actual consumption preventing you from being over billed or under billed
  •  Days of usage may be higher when an estimate is used resulting in higher billing.  A water meter read will ensure accuracy.
  • Estimates are based on prior usage, including summer months where water usage is typically higher.  Actual water use in winter months will likely be lower resulting in a lower actual bill.

Why is my water consumption so high?

  • Resident High Water Consumption Investigation Checklist

How do I Read My Water Meter

Sensus Meters

The majority of meters in Martensville in north and south areas are 'Sensus' style meters. Water meters may have a digital reading just like the odometer in your car. If you have a digital meter, record all the numbers in the boxes. 








Neptune Meters

Meters in brand new builds, and especially within the Lake Vista area are 'Neptune' style meters. In the picture below your water meter read will be the numbers that will be in the black box.  To record your reading, simply illuminate the field with a flashlight and write the numbers from left to right.

How can I submit my Reading?

  • By Phone- (306) 683-5556, you may leave a message but ensure to give your name and address with your meter read.
  • By Email- Contact our utilityclerk to leave your water meter read
  • In Person- Stop by City Hall during regular office hours to leave us your meter read.


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