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New Changes coming for Water Meter Reads in 2022

To modernize infrastructure and increase operating efficiencies, utilize new technologies and improve the water meter reading process, the City will be initiating a City-wide water meter replacement program that will provide automated meter readings.

Neptune Technology Group will install new meters by area. When they are ready to work in your area, a Neptune representative will contact you to make an appointment that suits your schedule to change out the water meter in your home.

Before installation, please ensure the area around your meter is clear of items so the installation can be conducted efficiently. Also, check if the existing shut-off valve to your meter is operable; if it is not, please contact City Hall at (306) 931-2166.  The change-out can take anywhere from 30-90 minutes.

The project will begin at the end of February and should be complete by July. Please note this is a mandatory program with the intent of changing out all meters in the City.

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Information provided with your water bill 

Questions or Concerns about the use of radio frequency devices, such as 'smart meters', cell phones or wireless routers ?  Find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions about radio frequency emissions


Water Meter Reads and Access to the Touchread Dial

The City of Martensville meter readers go from property to property through the months of May to September taking reads of each properties actual consumption.  In order to take these reads they need to be able to access the touchread dial or 'puck'.  Snow, overgrown brush or any obstacle can prevent a meter reading from taking place and providing you an accurate bill based on true consumption.  

When it comes to our meter readers, we do everything that we can to ensure they are able to do their jobs effectively and safely every day.  For the safety of our meter readers we would like to remind residents to ensure that dogs (and any other pets) are either indoors, in a fenced yard, or tied up securely.  You also may consider adding a 'Beware of Dog' sign to let meter readers know if there is a dog that may be present on the property. Thank you for your help and cooperation keeping our employees safe.

The Water Meter Read/Estimate Schedule

Between the months of October and April, the City puts in place an alternating schedule that includes meter reading for half of the City.  The alternating schedule is in place during these months due to extra time required to complete city-wide, month-to-month meter reads.  Changes to seasonal staffing, colder temperatures, inclement weather, higher priority maintenance issues in cooler seasons, are all contributing factors in encouraging residents to provide their own meter reading.  

North Martensville areas are all addresses north of Main Street, with the exception of Kinsmen Crescent (which is considered part of South Martensville) while South Martensville are all areas south of Main Street (including South Martensville). Lake Vista is identified as its own area, and are read monthly.

Reads should be provided between the 20th and 24th to provide the most accurate and consitent measure of consumption

Why should you provide us your Meter Read?

  • Your water bill will be based on actual consumption preventing you from being over billed or under billed
  •  Days of usage may be higher when an estimate is used resulting in higher billing.  A water meter read will ensure accuracy.
  • Estimates are based on prior usage, including summer months where water usage is typically higher.  Actual water use in winter months will likely be lower resulting in a lower actual bill.

How do I Read My Water Meter

Sensus Meters

The majority of meters in Martensville in north and south areas are 'Sensus' style meters. Water meters may have a digital reading just like the odometer in your car. If you have a digital meter, record all the numbers in the boxes. 

Neptune Meters

Meters in brand new builds, and especially within the Lake Vista area are 'Neptune' style meters. In the picture below your water meter read will be the numbers that will be in the black box.  To record your reading, simply illuminate the field with a flashlight and write the numbers from left to right.

How can I submit my Reading?

  • By Phone- (306) 683-5556, you may leave a message but ensure to give your name and address with your meter read.
  • By Email- Contact our utilityclerk to leave your water meter read
  • In Person- Stop by City Hall during regular office hours to leave us your meter read.
  • Use 'Submit Meter Reading' icon on the website

Why is my water consumption so high?

  • Resident High Water Consumption Investigation Checklist

Tips for Water Conservation

Summer Water Conservation Tips

Summer can bring a rise in water consumption and your water bill.  Here are some tips to help conserve water during the heat.

  • Water your lawn deeply, but not more than once a week. During periods of extended rain, water even less frequently.
  • Water new lawns every other day until the grass reaches 5 cm; then water less frequently.
  • Set a tuna can in each of your sprinkler zones and time how long it takes to fill it with water. That’s how long you should run your sprinkler once a week if your lawn is dry. 
  • Use drip irrigation and/or sprinkler systems that are timed to turn on and off automatically. Remember to turn them off if it’s raining.
  • Don’t water your lawn during the hottest time of the day. Instead, water early in the morning or in the evening. Don’t water when it’s rainy or windy.
  • Check the sprinkler position to make sure you don’t waste water by watering the street, sidewalks or driveway.
  • Xeriscape Landscaping – Group plants according to their watering needs. Plant water-saving plants, trees and shrubs. Use mulch to retain moisture in the soil. All of this can save 10-35 litres of water per minute.
  • When mowing your lawn, only cut the top 1/3 of the grass and leave clippings behind. They will help the soil retain moisture and provide natural fertilizer.
  • Wash your car at the car wash. Washing at home with a hose for ten minutes uses 300 litres of water and sends soap, oil and other chemicals to the river through storm drains. At a car wash, run-off is captured and disposed of properly.
  • Use a broom when cleaning your driveway or walkway. Washing with a hose uses almost 200 litres of water.

Indoor Water Conservation Tips

  • When you want a drink, don’t let the water run until it is cold. Instead, refrigerate a jug of tap water and save 7-12 litres of water per minute.
  • Don’t let the tap run when rinsing dishes or washing fruit and vegetables and save 7-12 litres of water per minute.
  • Don’t pre-rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Instead, scrape off food first using a spatula. Soak very dirty pans and dishes before washing.
  • Run the dishwasher only when it’s fully loaded and save 70-190 litres of water with each load you eliminate.
  • Repair any leaks. Turn faucets off firmly. Check and replace any worn out fixtures, washers, O-rings and hose connections.
  • Avoid using garbage disposals. Disposals require lots of water to operate properly. Instead, start a compost pile.
  • Save as much as 10 litres of water per minute with a low-flow showerhead.
  • Don’t overfill and fill less than a full bath. Better yet, you’ll save water by taking a short shower instead.
  • Replace an old toilet with a water-efficient model and save as much as 14 litres of water per flush and 70 litres per person, per day
  • Check for leaks in your toilet by adding a few drops of food coloring to the tank. Coloring will appear in the toilet bowl if it’s leaking.
  • Run the washing machine only when it’s fully loaded. Each load you eliminate saves 70-190 litres of water.
  • Check washing machine hoses for cracks that could result in leaks.
  • Use your water meter to check for hidden water leaks
    Read the water meter before and after a two-hour period when no water is being used. If the meter does not read exactly the same, there is a leak. 
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