Public Notices

The City of Martensville issues Public Notices when it must legally share information with the public. For example, a Public Notice would be issued when a bylaw is to be amended,or a special council meeting is to be held.  We also will post bid and tender opportunities  in this section.  

Visit Public Notice Bylaw 12-2016 to find out more about when and how the City must legally share information with the public.

  • December 05, 2017 - Public Notice to Borrow

    City Council will consider a motion to borrow in order to finance the construction and roadway paving of Main Street from 10th Ave to 16th Ave and the traffic circle at the intersection of Main St and 10th Ave.

  • August 21, 2017 - Debt Limit Increase

    Council will consider a motion to increase the City's debt limit to cover upcoming infrastructure and recreation projects in Martensville.

  • August 17, 2017 - Call for Proposals- MAP Concession

    Call for Proposals for the operation of the Concession at the Martensville Athletic Pavilion will be accepted until 4:00 pm, Friday September 15th , 2017. The City is seeking and will select a Concession Operator that will provide innovative, affordable, safe and reliable food services at the Martensville Athletic Pavilion. The Martensville Athletic Pavilion is attached to the High School Recreation & Community Services Department P.O. Box 970, 66 Main Street Martensville, SK. SOK 2T0 Parties wishing to obtain instruction to bidders, please call 931-2166.

  • July 14, 2017 - Bylaw 10-2017

    An amendment to increase the allowable height of freestanding signs for Community Service uses when located in Commercial & Industrial districts, at Council's discretion.

  • July 06, 2017 - Proposed Alteration of Boundaries

    The Council of the City of Martensville hereby gives notice to hold a public hearing to consider the alteration of the City boundaries.

  • June 02, 2017 - Bylaw 7-2017

    A bylaw to amend the Zoning Bylaw by changing the zoning on the area shown on the map from Future Urban Development to Residential.

  • March 22, 2017 - Bylaw 3-2017 & Bylaw 4-2017

    Amendment to the Official Community Plan and to the Zoning Bylaw to allow for a change of zoning to accommodate a subdivision.

  • March 08, 2017 - Bylaw 2-2107

    This amendment is to clarify the definition and landscaping regulations for street townhouse dwellings.

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