Rules are put in place for the safety of all swimmers. Additional guidelines have been put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Anyone disobeying the rules will be asked to leave the facility.

Public Health Mandated Guidelines:

  • Strict capacity set at 100 people in the pool area
  • If you are sick or symptomatic you must stay home.  
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer approved by Health Canada.
  • Avoid touching your face, mouth, nose and eyes. 
  • You must maintain a minimum physical distance of two metres in all areas, including the swimming pool except for your household and extended household contacts.
  • Adhere to the physical barriers and directional flow markings located throughout the facility, including change rooms and pool deck areas. 
  • Patrons must remove face masks prior to entering the pool. 
  •  All swimmers must take a cleansing shower prior to entering the swimming pool. 
  • Members of the public should enter and exit the facility in their swim clothes when possible to minimize crowding in change room areas.
  • Bring your own flotation aids, such as flutter boards, life jackets, noodles, toys and other items. 
  • These items must not be shared between non-household contacts.
  • Seating areas are permitted on the pool deck, but are subject to the physical distancing requirements of two metres. 


  • Children 5 and under must be accompanied by, and within reach of an adult, guardian or caregiver aged 16 or older.
  • There is a maximum of two children 5 years old and under per caregiver.
  • Persons with communicable diseases (e.g. pink eye) are not permitted in the pool.
  • Thoroughly shower before entering pool.
  • No diving anywhere in the pool.
  • No running on deck or in change rooms.
  • No hanging on or playing with float ropes.
  • Food and beverages are allowed in designated areas only.
  • Smoking and alcohol are not permitted on the premises.
  • No sunflower seeds.
  • Anyone swimming in the deep end must be able to swim 25 meters and able to tread water for 3 minutes, or have their level 6 badge. This test can be requested by a lifeguard at any time and it is up their discretion to evaluate a swimmer’s strength.
  • No street shoes on pool deck.
  • No roughhousing in or around the pool area.
  • In the event of thunder or lightning, swimmers will be cleared out of the pool, and asked to wait in the change rooms until 30 minutes after the last lightning is sighted or thunder is heard.
  • Lessons will not be cancelled due to weather. If there is thunder or lightning during lessons the above procedure will be followed and instructors will teach on-land Red Cross water safety lesson components until students are able to re-enter the water.

Public Swimming Rules

  • People CAN save spots in the rush line
  • You are only allowed to save spots for your immediate family/group (up to a max of 7 spots)
  • Our staff will keep track of the people in each group and do our best to notify you if you are at a point where you may not get in
  • Pre-registered participants will get into the pool first
  • If the pre registrants do not arrive in time their spots will be given to those in the rush line
  • If the pre registrants arrive late and the pool is at max capacity, they will be allowed entry prior to those in the rush line
  • We do our best to only schedule 50 pre registrants which allows for 50 rush people although this could vary up to 10 people

Slide Rules

  • Non-swimmers or weak swimmers must be supervised by a guardian of a minimum age of 16 years.
  • Twin racer slide (red slide) - Children 1 meter (3’3) and shorter must have an adult in the water designated to catch the children at the bottom.
  • Double loop slide (blue slide) - Children 1.5 meters (4’11) and shorter must have an adult in the water designated to catch the children at the bottom.
  • Riders must slide in a sitting position, feet first. Only one rider at a time with the exception of small children accompanied by a caregiver.
  • No toys or Personal Floatation Device's (PDFs) are to be worn on the water slides.
  • Riders must wait until the slide is clear before proceedin

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