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  • In Person at City Hall
  • Cash, debit or cheque accepted.
  • Online & Phone - Please contact your bank for assistance in setting up online and phone payments. Note: Three to five business days are required for payment to be processed. If payment is not received in our office due to this reason before the deadline, we will not waive penalties.
  • Interac e-Transfer®.  You can make same-day payments for your utility bill, property taxes, and more using the Payments Address.  The City is set up for Auto Deposit so no security question or answer is required.  Please provide reference for your payment which may include your Utility Account Number, Property Tax Roll Number or invoice number.


  1. For utility bill payments, the message should say: “Utility Account #001-000001234-001” (15 digits)
  2. For property tax payments, the message should say “Property Taxes Roll #000012345” (9 digits)
  3. For accounts receivable invoice payments, the message should say “Invoice #1234” (4 digits)
  4. For property information disclosure statements (PIDs), the message should include the realtor’s last name & the full civic address of the property.
  5. For all other payments (including license renewals, permit fees, etc.), please contact City Hall for assistance on message content at 306-931-2166.

Please note we are not accepting e-Transfer® for recreation programming registrations currently.

  • TIPPS (Tax Installment Payment Plan Service Program - TIPPS offers equalized monthly property tax payments. Late payment penalties will not apply to TIPPS users.
  • Sign up for TIPPS*
  • Withdraw from TIPPS

This form must be received by the City at least two weeks prior to your next payment date.If payments are dishonoured as N.S.F., you will be subject to a $30.00 Service Charge. In the event of three (3) such dishonoured payments, you will be discontinued from the T.I.P.P.S. plan.

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