Martensville's Pathways

Martensville has over 11 km of paved pathways that connect the north and south ends of the city. These pathways direct users to Kinsmen Park where additional paths intertwine throughout the park. Pet stations and park benches are located along the pathways.

Utilize the menu button on the map to toggle the different areas and sections of pathway.

Utilize the Pathway System Map through Google Maps

10th Avenue Pathway Construction Project

In summer of 2019, the construction of pathway along 10th Avenue South from 4th Street South to Main Street will take place, connecting the southern pathway network to the Kinsmen Park Pathway system and to the pathway system near Venture Heighs School and along Redekopp Drive.  

To see more informaton about the project, and what to expect during the construction of the project please see the accompanying Public Service Announcement.

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