MCRC Project Costs

Project Costs

The estimated capital cost of the Recreation Centre is $44.5 million. The City has consulted with Wright Construction and aodbt Architecture and Interior Design to determine what such a facility would cost. This cost was determined through competitive pricing and tenders put out to the marketplace during the planning process for the facility.  This costing information was also an important piece for stakeholder meetings and grant applications.

The Centre will be funded through the following: 

Under the Investing In Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP), the Government of Canada is investing up to $17,817,302 and the Government of Saskatchewan is investing up to $14,846,266 toward the City of Martensville’s Community Recreation Centre project. The City is responsible for the remainder and any additional costs of the more than $44.5 million project. Learn more about the announcement of funding for the Martensville Community Recreation Centre.

• In 2018, Martensville City Council approved a commitment to funding a portion of the project, and since then, has been collecting revenue through an annual recreation levy. 

• To date, more than $1 million has been raised through MCRP events and the Community House Build

The Lace 'Em Up Campaign was officially launched to reach a $4 Million fundraising goal for the MCRP.

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