MCRC Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Martensville Community Recreation Centre

How will the new Martensville Community Recreation Centre benefit all residents and taxpayers?

Martensville is growing.  That means our population of children and youth continues to grow. The centre supports our community vision to have families, friends, and the community play and grow together in a safe, active, and healthy environment! 

How will families and children/youth benefit from the Centre?

Currently, sports teams are having to travel away from the community to play the sports they love, sometimes at very late hours due to demands for ice time in nearby facilities.  The Centre will be close to home, reducing travel time – instead, children and youth will spend their time playing the sports they love! 

How will community organization benefit from the Centre? 

The Centre will include space for a multitude of activities. Multipurpose rooms will be available for use and for rent for activities like yoga, martial arts, or even for meetings and cultural events! 

How will the Martensville Community Recreation Centre benefit the local economy?

The scope of the Centre makes it an attractive facility for regional, provincial and even national organizations looking to host sporting and/or cultural events. Martensville will be in a better position to attract major sporting events, resulting in more visitors to the City, which means positive economic spinoffs to the local and regional business community.  During development and construction there will be approximately 140 jobs related to the Facility with as many as 60-70 onsite.  

The year-round centre will also help retain sport and athletes that have had limited opportunities to host tournaments or have had to train in other centres.
What amenities will the Centre include?
One regulation size ice surface with spectator seating, a leisure ice surface with skate change area, a full size indoor artificial turf facility, indoor rock-climbing wall and indoor playground. The Centre will also include multipurpose rooms available to the public, change rooms, washrooms and concession areas. In the future, additional amenities like a second ice surface could be added in the future.  

Who are the members of the Martensville Community Recreation Project? 

The MCRP is comprised of local parents and coaches who had a dream for our community to have a facility like this that would support their children’s activities and further sport and culture and in our community.  Visit for more information on the group. This project would not have been possible without them and we are so thankful to all of the volunteers, donors and community organizations who have been supporting their dream since 2015!  

Why was this location chosen for a facility of this kind? 

General interest, servicing costs, visibility and access are all strengths of the final site.  
Prior to the site announcement, landowners in the area that could potentially host a site of this nature were engaged to determine interest in helping facilitate this project. The ability to service the facility site, in a cost-effective manner was also a major factor in determining a site.  The soccer/turf component of the facility is only one of a handful of indoor pitches in the Province. This represents a significant asset and attraction for the region, so ease of access and visibility of the site at Trilogy Ranch is a big plus.  

What is Trilogy Ranch?

Trilogy Ranch is our newest subdivision; it includes 680-acres of land for residential and commercial development is located just west of Highway 12 and bordering the City’s current west boundary. Trilogy Ranch will be built out over the next 25 years and is projected to increase the City’s population by 10,000 people and to bring $1.5 billion in economic spin off to the region over the duration and entire build out of the subdivision. It will likely be one of the largest subdivisions announced in Saskatchewan over the next five years, with approximately 3,500 new homes, 500,000 square feet of new commercial space, and over 500 new jobs for the retail and hospitality sector in the long term. 

This location has enough space to house the Cente and any future expansions as well as parking and will help attract people to Trilogy Ranch. Canwest and North Prairie Developments offered the City land and servicing for the facility in Trilogy Ranch, a gift of about $5 million.

How will you get to the new Martensville Community Recreation Centre?

The facility will be conveniently located on the west side of Martensville on the other side of the overpass.  Even if you do not have a vehicle or choose to walk, the City has received approval for a temporary pedestrian walkway from the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure.  With the temporary approval, the City is responsible to complete a study with a consulting engineer to outline the process, function and layout of the pedestrian walkway.  The goal is to have the pedestrian walkway in place prior to the opening of the Centre.
What is ICIP and what can it be used for? 

To help make this Recreation Centre possible, the City looked to leverage grant opportunities where possible.  It was through this most recent round of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program that this project was successfully awarded a grant.  Under the program, the Government of Canada provides funding up to 40%, Provincial Government up to 33.3% and Municipal Governments the remainder.  

Under the program parameters, only public infrastructure for public use and benefit are eligible.  Land acquisition and infrastructure for private holdings are not eligible under the program.

Program and progress reports and expenditure claims must be submitted to the Province as part of the program.  Environmental assessments and Indigenous Consultation were also part of the application process and approval process.  

Learn more about ICIP

What is the cost of the Martensville Community Recreation Centre and are the costing numbers final? 

The estimated capital cost of the Recreation Centre is $44.5 million. This cost was determined through consultations with architects, engineers and construction officials with competitive pricing and tenders put out to the marketplace. As with all construction projects, the City has included a cost contingency in this figure of $44.5 million.

Who will pay for the Martensville Community Recreation Centre? 

The majority of the project will be funded through the Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) which will include $17.8 million from the Government of Canada and $14.8 million from the Government of Saskatchewan. The City of Martensville will contribute the remaining funds of $11.8 million, which includes the funds raised by the MCRP. The MCRP has raised over $1 million through events, the Community House Build.. The MCRP hopes to raise another $4 million for the project through the Lace ‘Em Up Campaign. 

How will donors be recognized?
All gifts will be recognized in some way. Visit to learn more about donating and how donors will be recognized.  

How can I help? 

Visit and click on Donate. Donations can also be dropped off or mailed to City Hall. All gifts will receive a tax credit. Please make cheques payable to the Martensville Community Recreation Project (Charitable Registered No. 824108799 RR0001). 

Who will construct the Centre? 

Wright Construction will lead the procurement process for the City. They will work with aodbt Architects and will issue bids and tenders related to all aspects of the facility construction. 

Those interested in providing goods and services may contact Wright Construction for information on upcoming tenders or bids.

When did construction begin? 

Mobilization at the site started in very late 2022, construction proceeded in 2023.

When will the Centre be open and ready for use? 
Our goal is to have the Martensville Community Recreation Centre operational for use by fall o2024.  We know this is an ambitious timeline but that’s what we will work toward. We understand that delays may occur due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. 

Who will be managing and operating the Martensville Recreation Centre (MRC)?  
The management and operations of the MRC will be done through a contractor, Nustadia Recreation Inc. (NRI).  NRI had been working with the City of Martensville through a pre-opening contract starting in November 2023 to assist with the facility through the last half of construction, toward the facility's opening. 

Who is Nustadia Recreation Inc. (NRI)?
NRI is a Canadian Company that provides complete turnkey development and operating management for recreational facilities across Canada including Merlis Belcher Place in Saskatoon and Evraz Place in Regina.  Overall they are operating and or managing over 20 facilities nationwide.

How will you keep people informed about the project and construction? 

The City will use its standard communication tools (social media, the Banner newsletter, and local newspapers) to share information about the progress of the project. In addition, the City’s project webpage will be updated with new information as frequently as possible. 

Who should I call at the City if I have questions about the Martensville Community Recreation Centre?

For enquiries related to the facility, please contact the Director of Recreation and Community Services, Roxane Melnyk.  For questions related to fundraising, please contact the MCRP 

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