MAP Reopening -July 2020, What you should know

The Martensville Athletic Pavilion will officially open on Monday, July 20th. Summer hours for July and August will be Mon-Fri 8:00am-9:00pm and Sat & Sun 9:00am-6:00pm.

Due to Provincial Heath regulations we have a STRICT CAPACITY OF 30 people in each of the 3 gyms and the walking track. Only 12 people will be allowed in the fitness area.

Each patron is required to follow physical distancing protocols, sanitize upon arrival and adhere to all Public Health mandated guidelines.

MAP General Rules

  • Outdoor shoes are not permitted in the gym, walking track, multi-purpose room or fitness area.  Please bring appropriate indoor footwear.
  • There is no food or beverages allowed in in the gym, on the walking track, or in the fitness area.  Beverages in a sealed water bottle or to go cup are permitted.
  • Children under 6 must be in arms reach while using the track.
  • Children 8 and under must be actively supervised by a parent or adult guardian. 
  • Children under 12 are not permitted in the fitness area.
  • Children ages 12-14 must be supervised by an adult when using the fitness equipment
  • No Hockey of any kind in the facility.
  • Equipment must be signed out at the front desk.
  • When renting space at the MAP you are only allowed in the designated area you have rented during the time that you have booked. 
  • Smoking, use of drugs, and alcohol are strictly prohibited.
  • There is zero tolerance for threats, swearing, shouting, or violence. 
  • If at any time anyone is not following rules of the facility they will be asked to leave. 

MAP Gym Usage Rules

  • During sport specific drop in times only that sport shall be set up and played.
  • Open gym time:
    • Will be set up as first come first served.  Whoever is there first decides what sport is played. 
    • If there is a request for two sports to be played we will separate the court in half.  Only 2 sports will be played at any given time.
    • Once one sport is no longer being played another sport may be set up.
  • If all gyms are booked for rentals only the track and fitness center are available for usage. 

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