Land Use Planning

Land use policies and regulations are developed to anticipate the current and future needs of the City to prevent conflicts and ensure infrastructure is in place to accommodate any proposed development.

Our Official Community Plan (OCP) and Zoning Bylaw contain policies to ensure development in the City is conducted in an orderly fashion.  The OCP provides objectives and policies to guide short and long term planning and land use management within the City’s boundaries.  The Zoning Bylaw controls the use of land and is legally enforceable. It puts the plan within the OCP into effect. Examples of what is included in the Zoning Bylaw include: 

  • how land may be used
  • where buildings and other structures can be located
  • the types of land uses that are permitted on a property
  • the lot sizes and dimensions, parking requirements, and setbacks from the street.

We work to ensure the concerns and requirements of agencies, departments, individuals, and groups are addressed by coordinating their efforts and attempting to resolve their differences.

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