History of Street Names

What is behind a Name?-  History of Martensville Street Names

What is behind your street's name?  What can you share about your street that makes it a great place to live?  Our interactive map below gives viewers an opportunity to see the history or significance of some of Martensville's streets.  Although our community does not share a long history spanning back to the inception of our Province, we have had many people shape and build the community over Martensville's fifty plus years of history.   We welcome you to learn about our Community's legacy or share some facts about your street's name.  

Anyone with information or history they would like to share about their street can provide it to City Hall where the content will be verified.   We also invite you to share an image of the street.  Content will be added as it becomes available so check-in for updates.

To use the map below, start by clicking on a quadrant.  You will be able to  'click' on a street icon to learn more about a street or select a street from the list that will appear below.

Please note this map is best used and optimized with a desktop device.  


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