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Recreation Centre Location

The Recreation Centre will be located in the future 680-acre Trilogy Ranch subdivision on the west side of Highway 12. One of the first major amenities in this area, it will be key in attracting future residential and commercial development. 

The new 145,000 square foot Recreation Centre will be built on a 6.68 acre parcel of land. 
The location for the Centre was selected following engagement and gauging interest with landowners around Martensville and was based on a number of factors:
• Ability to service with water and wastewater, with very good transportation access to Martensville and Highway 12.
• As the City works to develop into the west sector, the Centre will provide a focal point for future development. 
• The area is large enough to easily accommodate a 145,000 square foot building with adjacent parking.
• Good visibility to travellers on Highway 12.   
• Canwest Commercial and Land Corporation and North Prairie Developments Ltd. saw value in the project and shared in the vision of the City and the MCRP in the project. They contributed the land for the project, a value of over $5 million. 

Location Announcement August 2020: Learn more about Trilogy Ranch 
Martensville Official Community Plan 

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