City Manager

The City Manager is the administrative head of the City and accountable to Mayor and Council.

The Office of the City Manager ensures City operations are maintained and handled efficiently.

Responsibilities of the City Manager include: 

  • Directs, supervises and reviews performance of all departments 
  • Implements policies, programs and decisions of City Council
  • Prepares and presents operating and capital budgets
  • Advises, informs and makes recommendations to City Council and Committees concerning policies and programs

The City Manager also provides leadership to City employees and leads the implementation of City Council priorities in order to build a sustainable future and meet objectives identified in Council’s Vision for Martensville.

City Clerk

The City Clerk is responsible for a variety of corporate, administrative and legislative functions resulting in continual contact with the City Manager, City Council and its various standing committees as well as the general public.

The City Clerk is responsible for the following:

  • Provides administrative support services to council 
  • Entrusted with maintaining, processing, and recoding all proceedings and other records of the City Council and the City to include minutes, agreements, resolutions and other official documents 
  • Works closely with the City’s Senior Management Team and provides guidance and support with Legislative requirements including Council directives 
  • Maintains City Bylaws and Policy and Procedures
  • The City Clerk also manages the Administration of municipal elections

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Department is responsible for the collection, control and disbursement of all corporate funds.

This includes the areas of taxation assessment, utilities, accounts payable and receivable, information technology support, payroll and benefits, budget preparations, general ledger maintenance and financial reporting.

Economic Development

The Economic Development Department markets Martensville and supports business development in the community to meet the needs of business and residents.

The Department works with the community to facilitate the most conducive environment for businesses to start, expand, and thrive to add to the employment opportunities in the community, and is active in regional partnerships and relationships to ensure a collaborative approach to building a strong regional and provincial economy.

The primary focus areas for the Department are to:

  • Assist entrepreneurs and small businesses to start up and expand;
  • Build the profile of Martensville, market it as a place to live, work, and invest; and
  • Initiate and support commercial, industrial, and residential growth and attraction.

Emergency & Protective Services

Emergency and Protective Services are handled by through the cooperation of a number of agencies within Martensville that keep Martensville a safe and healthy place to live. 

Agencies serving Martensville include:

Infrastructure & Planning

Infrastructure and Planning is responsible for the operation and maintenance of City infrastructure, water and sewer and roadways.

The Department also includes Planning & Regulations which focuses on facilitating orderly land development to ensure the health, safety, and physical and economic well-being of all residents. This requires development to be analyzed relative to compatibility between competing land uses. It also requires that the concerns and interests of regulating agencies are coordinated in an orderly and timely manner and ensures the orderly development and the choice of appropriate locations for homes, shops, parks, offices, and schools, supported by a network of roads, water mains, sewers, and other utilities. Good planning also takes into consideration the need to preserve heritage structures, conserve energy, and protect natural features.

Recreation & Community Services

Recreation & Community Services is responsible for all City owned and operated recreation programs, as well as parks, playgrounds, rental facilities, special events, and sports fields.

The Department also manages all aspects of the Cemetery, pathway and park development, bylaw operation, and the Library, and is liaison with community groups on all City-related matters. 

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