The City of Martensville is a vibrant and active community with a number of Service, Sport, Leisure and Cultural Groups.  Whether you are a long-time resident or new to the Martensville, we welcome your involvement and support of community clubs.  We also would like to acknowledge and thank all those  groups that work to make our community a great place to live and be involved in.


Program Contact Phone Email
574 Dakota Squadron,  RCAC Captain Trevor Davies 306-222-8628 contact
Alcoholics Anonymous   306-665-6727  
Curling Club Don Miller 306-222-3947 contact
Guiding Association Seanna Neufeld 306-242-2994 contact
Historical Centre Terri Hetterly 306-955-3611 contact
Information & Visitor Centre Kristee Lynn Adrian 306-242-0362 contact
Kidsport / Jumpstart Funding Angie Reddekopp 306-683-5577 contact
Kinsmen Club Arnie Deschner 306-975-3951 contact
Kights of Columbus Martin Rancourt 306-361-0481  
Library Marla Skomar 306-956-7311 contact
Lions Club Geoff Passy 306-371-0807 contact
Maddogs Flag Football Tim Edmonds 306-281-3102 contact
Maddogs Tackle Football Janine Hayward 306-934-8970 contact
Martensville Amateur Softball Mike Thomas 306-229-4160 contact
M'ville Community Rec. Project Gerri Sametts 306-249-4996 contact
M'ville Fire Dept. School Liason Dean Brooman 306-934-5822 contact
M'ville Fire Dept. Public Relations Dean Brooman 306-934-5822 contact
M'ville High School Football Lyle Evanisky 306-931-2230 contact
Minor Basketball Tracy Johnson 306-361-8549 contact
Minor Hockey Trevor Hanley 306-222-0579 contact
Minor Soccer Jaimie Doell 639-317-7305 contact
New Horizons Seniors Chris Bunnah 306-361-6777 contact
Neighborhood Watch Martin Doell   contact
Optimist Club Tammy Bischler 306-291-9017 contact
Prairie Sky Chamber Jaimie Malmgren 306-292-7066 contact
Rocky Ridge Model Railroad Club Dave Peters 306-229-1022 contact
Sask Central Victim Services Amanda Tittemore 306-385-2683 contact
Sask Five Giants Baseball Joey Vanneste 306-371-7593 contact
Sask Valley Riding Club     contact
Scouting Association Rita Harrison 306-384-2032 contact
Skate Martensville Shelley Kobelsky 306-382-4070 contact
Slo-Pitch Association Kim Eckes 306-292-9462 contact
Volleyball Deb McGuire 306-931-2851 contact
Busyfingers Preschool Robyn Jamieson 306-380-1647 contact
Lutheran Early Learning Preschool Shaelynn Pichler 306-933-4633 contact
Puddle Jumpers Preschool Brandy Mosop 306-270-3203 contact
Holy Mary Catholic Elementary School Luisa Giocoli 306-659-7870 contact
Lake Vista Public Elementary School Chris Mason 306-683-4300 contact
Valley Manor Elementary School Garth Harrison 306-931-2233 contact
Venture Heights Elementary School Ron Biberdorf 306-934-2185 contact
Martensville High School Paul McTavish 306-931-2230 contact


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