The City of Martensville is a vibrant and active community with lots of opportunity for sport, service and cultural activities.  Whether you are a long-time resident or new to Martensville, we welcome your involvement and support of community clubs.  Thank all of our community groups that make Martensville a great place to live.


Program Contact Phone Email
574 Dakota Squadron,  RCAC Captain Trevor Davies 306-222-8628 contact
Alcoholics Anonymous   306-665-6727  
Curling Club Don Miller 306-222-3947 contact
Guiding Association Seanna Neufeld 306-242-2994 contact
Historical Centre Terri Hetterly 306-955-3611 contact
Information & Visitor Centre Kristee Lynn Adrian 306-242-0362 contact
Kidsport / Jumpstart Funding Angie Reddekopp 306-683-5577 contact
Kinsmen Club Arnie Deschner 306-975-3951 contact
Kights of Columbus Martin Rancourt 306-361-0481  
Library Marla Skomar 306-956-7311 contact
Lions Club Geoff Passy 306-371-0807 contact
Maddogs Flag Football Tim Edmonds 306-281-3102 contact
Maddogs Tackle Football Janine Hayward 306-934-8970 contact
Martensville Amateur Softball Mike Thomas 306-229-4160 contact
M'ville Community Rec. Project Gerri Sametts 306-249-4996 contact
M'ville Fire Dept. School Liason Dean Brooman 306-934-5822 contact
M'ville Fire Dept. Public Relations Dean Brooman 306-934-5822 contact
M'ville High School Football Lyle Evanisky 306-931-2230 contact
Minor Basketball Tracy Johnson 306-361-8549 contact
Minor Hockey Trevor Hanley 306-222-0579 contact
Minor Soccer Jaimie Doell 639-317-7305 contact
New Horizons Seniors Chris Bunnah 306-361-6777 contact
Neighborhood Watch Martin Doell   contact
Optimist Club Tammy Bischler 306-291-9017 contact
Prairie Sky Chamber Jaimie Malmgren 306-292-7066 contact
Rocky Ridge Model Railroad Club Dave Peters 306-229-1022 contact
Sask Central Victim Services Amanda Tittemore 306-385-2683 contact
Sask Five Giants Baseball Joey Vanneste 306-371-7593 contact
Sask Valley Riding Club     contact
Scouting Association Rita Harrison 306-384-2032 contact
Skate Martensville Shelley Kobelsky 306-382-4070 contact
Slo-Pitch Association Kim Eckes 306-292-9462 contact
Volleyball Deb McGuire 306-931-2851 contact
Busyfingers Preschool Robyn Jamieson 306-380-1647 contact
Lutheran Early Learning Preschool Shaelynn Pichler 306-933-4633 contact
Puddle Jumpers Preschool Brandy Mosop 306-270-3203 contact
Holy Mary Catholic Elementary School Luisa Giocoli 306-659-7870 contact
Lake Vista Public Elementary School Chris Mason 306-683-4300 contact
Valley Manor Elementary School Garth Harrison 306-931-2233 contact
Venture Heights Elementary School Ron Biberdorf 306-934-2185 contact
Martensville High School Paul McTavish 306-931-2230 contact


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