Martensville West and South East Sector Plans

The City of Martensville is at a significant point with respect to growth.  Situated within the rapidly growing Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth Region, the City's population has shown potential to double over the next twenty years.

Martensville has grown from a small town with a rural atmosphere to a city with a population of 9,645 (2016 Statistics Canada).  Continued growth and the ensuing demand for residential, commercial and industrial land inside and outside the existing municipal boundaries is anticipated and the City is undertaking a number of planning initiatives to help determine the future size, urban form, and character of the community.  In 2016 the Future Growth Plan 2040 was adopted by Martensville Council to help facilitate such planning.  This plan outlines future neighborhoods, studies, bylaws and reports necessary to guide growth.

As part of the Future Growth Plan 2040, a Growth Needs Analysis was completed which examined historical and predicted population increases and the amount of land required to accommodate the anticipated future population.  Results showed that the total land area needed to support residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and recreational growth to the year 2040 ranges from 1,156 acres to 2,207 acres. Through the Future Growth Plan process, the City identified:

  • The proposed annexation of lands immediately adjacent to Martensville from the R.M. of Corman Park 
  • High-level land uses (residential, commercial, industrial) within the identified future growth areas
  • Growth Sector areas (a defined area within the future growth area) that requires the completion of a Sector Plan to initiate development of the land. 
Annexationis the legal process of altering the corporate boundaries of municipalities through a transfer of municipal jurisdiction. Ownership of the land does not change.


Sector Plan: a planning document required by the City that provides a high-level framework for development of a large area of land

Sector Planning is part of the City's next steps in managing growth into the future.  Sector Plans are guided by and reside under an Official Community Plan (OCP)  The Martensville OCP provides a comprehensive policy framework to guide the physical, environmental, economic, social and cultural development of the City.

  • A Sector Plan provides a high-level land use and servicing framework to guide development of a large area of land. It outlines the proposed sequence of development, general land uses, density of population, general location of major transportation routes, public utilities, sequencing of development, and other matters considered necessary for development.  Sector Plans guide the preparation of subsequent concept plans for each development phase identified in the Sector Plan.
  • A Concept Plan is for a smaller area of land within a Sector Plan and shows more detail at a block scale regarding land use, servicing and transportation systems.  Concept plans provide a framework to evaluate future land use re-designation (zoning) and subdivision applications.

About the Martensville West Sector Plan

The West Sector Plan area spans 675 acres and is located west of Highway 12.  The Martensville West Sector Plan process is initiated by a major sponsor, North Prairie Developments (NPD), in coordination with the City NPD is one of Saskatchewan's largest developers and have been active in Saskatchewan for over 30 years.

About the Martensville South East Sector Plan

The South East Sector Plan area encompasses approximately 618 acres of land east of 10th Ave South and south of Main Street and is being initiated by the City of Martensville.  In conjunction with the West Sector Plan the South East Sector Plan will help accommodate anticipated future growth in Martensville.



Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth (P4G)

In 2016 the Cities of Saskatoon, Martensville and Warman, the Town of Osler and the R.M. of Corman Park joined together to form the Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth (P4G).  The purpose of the P4G is to develop a Regional Plan.

The Regional Plan will ensure each municipality benefits from growth opportunities, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs by working together.

Once complete and approved, the Regional Plan will include an outline of land use, transportation and servicing, funding strategies needed to implement the Plan and proposed governance and administrative structures for the region. Learn more about P4G and the work completed to date.


Based on the Future Growth Plan 2040, and comprehensive review of the City's long-term land needs to support growth, the City has undertaken extensive landowner and stakeholder engagement to advance an annexation process with the R.M. of Corman Park.  Annexation (or boundary alteration) is the legal process of altering the corporate boundary of municipalities through a transfer of municipal jurisdiction to accommodate economic growth and development opportunities and to provide services to newly developed properties.  Ownership of the land does not change when a boundary alteration occurs. 

The annexation application was provided to Martensville City Council where it received approval.  The application was then advanced to the R.M. of Corman Park for Council consideration where approval was provided.  The  Provincial Ministry of  Government Relations- Planning Branch had final review of the application and official approval from the Ministry has been granted for the annexation of lands into the City of Martensville. To see the lands that were part of the annexation, check the Annexation 2017 Public Notice.

West Sector Plan

North Prairie Developments is in the preliminary stages of planning for the Martensville West Sector Plan area.  Further information and progress on the west sector plan can be found at on the West Sector Plan website.



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