Business Licenses

All businesses must obtain a Business License prior to operating within City limits.

The different classes of businesses, the forms you must complete, and annual fees, are listed below: 

Store Front Business:

Any business located in the commercial and/or industrial district(s) as shown on the Zone District Map within the Zoning Bylaw. All new store front businesses also require a development permit.

Home Based Business:

Any business located on land or within a building where the land or building is primarily used for residential purposes and the owner(s) are the full-time residents. All new home based businesses also need a development permit.


Any person who constructs, alters, maintains, repairs or removes buildings or structures, installs heating plants, plumbing or other fixtures or performs other similar work in the City and who does not have a business premises in the City.

Direct Seller:

Any person who does not have a business premises in the City and goes from house to house selling or offering for sale, or soliciting orders for the future delivery of goods or services; and/or by telephone offers for sale or solicits orders for the future delivery of goods or services.

Farmers Market:

Any person or group of persons operating collectively which sells products that they bake, make, or grow.

Vehicles for Hire, including Taxis, Transportation Network Companies, Drivers for Hire:

Any person who operates a vehicle to transport passengers, except for ambulances, buses, etc., within the City of Martensville requires a license. See Bylaw 7-18, Vehicle for Hire,  for more information.

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