• 06 Nov 2019
    Statement on Water Quality- Report on Lead in Canadian Cities' Drinking Water

    We have received some calls and messages in respect to the recent study and news stories of elevated lead levels in Canadian Cities’ Drinking Water.  For our community, we have the highest confidence in our water quality, due to our newer infrastructure and homes, as well as regular testing.

    The recent study and subsequent news items attribute the lead content in water to aged infrastructure serving neighborhoods and the plumbing of older homes.  A few of the Cities, within the report, have initiated programs to replace infrastructure or corrosion control to reduce and eliminate lead. 

    The water for the City of Martensville is provided by Sask Water through the City of Saskatoon, however the infrastructure that serves our community is newer, and does not consist of lead piping.  In addition, nearly all the homes in Martensville were built post-1950 when lead plumbing was no longer the norm for residential plumbing.

    For questions or additional information please contact:

    Scott Loyns Engineering Assistant – City of Martensville


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