• 18 Jun 2020
    New Schedule Update- 5th Street South, 3rd Street North

    The road projects for 5th Street South and 3rd Street North has a new schedule.  These projects had been preempted due to rain.

    5th Street South- will be closed in its entirety at 7AM June 23. The remaining work will take a day to completed with all signage and barricades removed by 7AM the following morning. 

    3rd Street North-  will be closed from 5th Avenue North to 8th Avenue North at 7AM June 24 with the road scheduled to open by 7AM the following morning. However, if delays occur for whatever reason and the road is still closed on June 25th. Residents are asked to place their Loraas bins where they normally would in front of their home, and we will have the paving contractor ensure they get emptied.

    Please see the attached Notice for further information.




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