• 26 Jun 2018
    Sandy Rise Fountain- Public Service Announcement

    We would like to inform residents that for the foreseeable future, the floating fountain at the Sandy Rise Pond will not be operational.

    The City is looking at all options in respect to replacing or repairing the fountain, but the major challenge is to prevent ongoing break-downs of the fountain.    One of the major issues that has been a factor in the fountain malfunctioning  has been the low water levels in recent years.  Due to lower water levels, debris and material gets sucked up into the pumps and causes excessive wear and damage to the fountain until it eventually fails.   Options such as dredging of the pond to increase the depth is being considered as well as treatment of the pond to reduce algae and vegetation growth.  Alternate models of fountains are being sought and considered that will operate in lower water levels.

    Simply repairing or replacing  the existing fountain has been considered, however due to costs to replace or repair,  and without the certainty that the fountain won’t be immediately damaged again,  the City has decided not to pursue any short-term measures.

    Our goal is to find a long-term solution for a fountain in the Sandy Rise Pond that will again enhance the area that has long been an esthetic point in Martensville.

    We understand and share  your concern and frustration on this matter and we hope to remedy this as soon as possible.

    If there are further questions, please contact

    Recreation and Community Services
    306 931-2166


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