06Oct 2023

Safety Reminder- Coyote Sightings


We wish to inform the public about recent coyote sightings around Martensville. We urge everyone to exercise caution and maintain a safe distance from coyotes and other wildlife, as they can exhibit unpredictable behaviour when approached.

If you have any inquiries or concerns related to coyotes or wildlife within the city limits, please reach out to City Hall/Bylaw at (306) 931-2166 or in cases of Emergency the RCMP (306) 975-1610.

Here are the recommended actions to take if you encounter a coyote up close:

• Avoid approaching the animal.
• Look for an escape route.
• Stay vigilant and monitor the coyote's movements.
• Act assertively by shouting and waving your arms to establish human dominance.
• Ensure the coyote has a clear path to escape the situation.
• Keep pets on a leash and under control.

Coyotes play a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance and are commonly found in major cities across Canada. Coyotes can be spotted in residential and commercial areas, especially when food and shelter are readily available.

To prevent coyote encounters in your yard, consider the following tips:

• Refrain from feeding coyotes or leaving food waste accessible.
• Seal off access points to decks and other sheltered areas in your yard.
• Avoid feeding pets outdoors.• Ensure your yard gate is securely closed, and your fencing is in good condition.

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