• 25 Feb 2019
    Public Service Announcement- Water Line Freeze Ups

    To residents with existing drip-lines installed:

    Due to an extended period of extremely cold temperatures, the City of Martensville is beginning to experience water line freeze-ups. For residents with existing drip-lines installed, please call City Hall – Water and Sewer Accounts at (306) 931-2166 to arrange an appointment to have the drip line in your house inspected, turned on, and adjusted. Please note that this only applies to residents who have existing drip-lines installed.

    For all other residents:

    If you experience a waterline freeze-up, or any other interruption in service, please call (306) 931-2166 to report your issue. If this happens outside of regular business hours, please follow the prompts to be transferred to the emergency after hours contact.

    Thank you for your co-operation!


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