• 12 Oct 2018
    Public Service Announcement- Pet Control

    There have been a number of reports of unleashed dogs in public parks.  Dog owners are reminded that it is their duty to control their pets and clean-up after their pets in parks and on pathways, including off-leash areas, specifically the dog park.

    Here are some important reminders for pet owners as per the Animal Control Bylaw:

    • Do not allow your pet to be or become a nuisance by excessive barking, howling, or become threatening to other owners or pets;
    • Do not allow your pet to run at large;
    • Clean up defecation of your animal from private or public properties, other than the property occupied by the owner;
    • Offenders under the Animal Control Bylaw, including nuisance or unlicensed animals are subject to fines.

    For further information, see the complete Animal Control Bylaw on this website or contact the Bylaw Enforcement Officer with questions.


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