• 07 Jun 2018
    Province Approves Annexation of Lands for Martensville's Future Growth

    The City of Martensville has reached a significant point in its growth and  on April 3rd , 2018,  finalized the annexation of approximately 1550 acres when the municipality received the Order from the Ministry of Government Relations approving the incorporation of additional lands into Martensville’s boundaries.

    The background and rationale for the annexation was provided in the Future Growth Plan 2040 which  outlined that to accommodate anticipated growth until the year 2040 an additional 1,156 to 2,207 acres would be required to support residential, commercial and institutional uses and a population in the range of 16,000 to 25,000 people.

    The City  formally commenced the annexation process in the Summer of 2017 at the recommendation of the Future Growth Plan and at the request of  landowners.  The process included consultation and cooperation with land owners, the Rural Municipality of Corman Park, School Districts and the Province.

    Lands that were annexed included City owned lands in the south that contain municipal infrastructure as well as city owned lands in the south east.  Lands adjacent to the north industrial area were also included as part of the annexation.  Also included in the annexation was over 675 acres west of Highway 12. 

    With the annexation completed, residents in the annexed areas should not expect any changes in lifestyle. With this annexation the City becomes responsible for providing services such as fire protection, garbage removal and road maintenance.  Additional services are to be added as areas become built out and infrastructure is put in place as part of the developments. Owners can continue to use their land as they had previously but with the knowledge that future changes in use or new construction will follow City Bylaws and policies.


    Mayor Kent Muench noted , “We are proud of how our community has quickly grown and evolved to this point, but we feel with this annexation complete we can shape our own future in one of the country’s major growth regions and provide new and better opportunities and quality of life for residents and future residents.”

    Following the annexation, the City is continuing work on Sector Plans to assist how land will be developed, with two concurrent projects underway; the Martensville West Sector Plan and the Martensville South East Sector Plan.

    For more information, contact:
    Bonnie Gorelitza
    Planning Manager
    (306) 931-2166



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