• 23 Mar 2018
    Policing and Bylaw Enforcement Satisfaction Survey

    As part of the Municipal Sustainability Plan, the City of Martensville aims to ensure residents are satisfied and with the levels of policing in the Community.  The Municipal Sustainability Plan can be found at Martensville.ca

    This survey aims to establish and determine what the current attitudes and satisfaction levels are in the community and to determine a baseline for the future. This survey takes into account four sections; General Perceptions of Safety, Policing, Bylaw Enforcement as well as a brief consultation in respect to trailers and front yard parking.

    Please take the opportunity to take the survey and provide your opinions on bylaw and police services in our community.  Information will be shared with City Council and the RCMP and assist them to address areas important to our citizens.

    The Survey Closes April 8th



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