12Oct 2022

Paving Project for 800 Block of Rock Hill Lane

Beginning 7am Friday, October 14, 2022, the City of Martensville’s contractor will be closing the 800 block of Rock Hill Lane to repave the roadway.

Please ensure your vehicle is not parked in your driveway Friday morning as you will not be able to access your driveway for most of the day. Weather permitting this work is expected to take approximately 1 week to complete. Local traffic will be allowed on the roadway intermittently throughout construction in between the different phases (i.e., milling existing roadway, granular base work, and paving). There will be other roads in the city being worked on simultaneously so the contractor will not be actively working on Rock Hill Lane the entire week.

Barriers will be in place when traffic is not allowed in the work area, moved off to the side with local traffic-only signs in place when traffic is allowed on Rock Hill Lane. Please respect all barriers and signage and pay close attention as they could be changing daily.

During construction, please park outside of the work zone. If there is room, residents will be permitted to park in the alley as long as traffic is still able to pass through. On garbage collection day, place bins in the roadway where you typically would, and our contractor will ensure they get emptied.

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