21Jun 2024

Martensville Managing Through First Day of Summer Storm

On the evening of June 21st, the City of Martensville experienced a summer storm that brought substantial rainfall and hail in a short period. Residents reported receiving between 2 to 3 inches of precipitation.

The heavy accumulation of hail created several challenges by slowing down drainage systems and blocking storm drains, which caused water to back up onto roadways and properties. The drainage channels were left very full after the storm, and while water was flowing out of the community, it would take time for the levels to decrease.

One of the main tasks for Martensville's water and sewer crews was to monitor and ensure the proper functioning of lift stations, which faced potential excess water infiltration. Additional equipment was mobilized to alleviate the load on these stations.

In case of an emergency, the Martensville Fire Department has a crew on standby, ready to respond.

Residents who experienced water backup in their basements or other property damage due to the storm should contact their insurance providers for information on claims procedures.

With more rain forecasted overnight and over the weekend, residents are encouraged to prepare by extending downspouts, elevating equipment or personal items, and ensuring sump pumps and other protective plumbing are clear and functioning.

City staff will continue to monitor conditions over the coming days and maintain drainage and wastewater infrastructure.

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