• 13 Dec 2017
    City Seeking Public Consultation on Martensville Speedway Lease Extension Proposal

    Community Consultation - Martensville Speedway and Saskatoon Kart Racers Lease Extension

    The Saskatoon Kart Racers lease and operate a track (Martensville Speedway) in the north east part of Martensville near the industrial area (just off 9th Street North).

    The Racers currently have a lease with the City which is set to expire in 2022 however they have requested a 5 year extension until 2027. The application for the extension is requested to complete a major capital improvement (new asphalt and curbing). The Racers would like to get a minimum of 10 years usage from the improvements.

    Council is requesting comments from the community (pros and/or cons) of the Saskatoon Kart Racers operations, activities at the Martensville Speedway and the club’s extension request.

    Comments can be submitted to City Hall, and must include your full name and address to be considered. Personal information will only be used to verify accuracy and will remain confidential. Comments can be submitted by :

    Deadline to submit your comments is January 10th 2018.

    We thank the community in advance for their ideas and feedback on this subject.


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