07Feb 2024

Balancing Rising Costs and Maintaining Services Council Approves 2024 Budget

MARTENSVILLE, SK – Martensville City Council approved the 2024 Operating and Capital Budgets at the February 6th, 2024, Special Council Meeting. Over the past number of months, City Council has reviewed and deliberated over the budget with efforts to minimize property tax increases, manage rising costs, while maintaining services to the community being a top priority.

The City has budgeted for a 4.9% increase in total property tax revenue. The average homeowner in Martensville with a total assessed value of $375,000 will see an estimated increase in their municipal property taxes of $10.00 per month or $120.00 per year. Increases in property taxes are attributed to several factors for 2024 including a significant increase in the cost of wages, support contracts, and utilities. The 2024 property tax increase will ensure that existing services can be maintained.

Growth in Martensville continues with estimated property taxes from new properties projected to bring in another $145,000 in new tax dollars. The focus of these new revenues will be on enhancing and improving service levels through new staffing positions with the City.

The City of Martensville will see increases in rates from contracted service providers. This includes garbage, recycling, organics and water. SaskWater rates will see a 5.5% increase in 2024 resulting in an increase of approximately $5 per month for a home consuming an average of 19 cubic metres per month. Garbage and recycling will cost each household an extra $15 per year. Homeowners who subscribe to the organics program will see the monthly fee increase by $2.50 per month, each month the service is provided.

The City also continues to work towards the new multipurpose recreation facility as committed in 2020. Construction is over 50% complete and will be funded through allocated reserves, long-term borrowing, fundraising and the Investing In Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP), the grant approved by the Federal and Provincial governments in 2022.

In 2024, the City will invest just over $33 million in capital projects including: $23.6 million for the new Martensville Community Recreation Centre, $5.7 million in water and wastewater upgrades through the New Build Canada Fund; $1.2 million on a temporary pedestrian overpass; and $925,000 on upgrades and improvements in the Martensville Sports Centre.

Mayor Kent Muench addressed the 2024 budget, “Escalating costs across all sectors presented Council with real challenges this budget. As a municipality, we are not immune to the impacts of inflation but are very aware of the pressures it presents to residents and operations. We believe this budget provides us with the ability to account for the rising costs of goods and services, continuing to invest in infrastructure and amenities, while building on and improving services for residents.”

For more information on the 2024 Capital and Operating Budgets, along with departmental highlights, visit our websites, budget and finances section.

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Mayor Kent Muench or Leah Bloomquist, Director of Corporate Services
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