• 09 Jul 2019
    South SIde Organics Pick-up
    07:00 AM-05:00 PM

    For users subscribed to the Organics Program:

    • Carts must be out by 7:00 am for pick-up with lids completely closed. Overfilled carts may not be emptied.
    • Loraas will not return for carts not out prior to 7:00 am on pick-up day.  
    • These carts are for Plants waste, Fruits, Vegetables, Coffee grounds & filters, Egg shells.
    • For questions as to what can and cannot go into your cart please call Loraas Organics at 306-242-2300 or visit their website.
    • Do not separate or bag compost.
    • Do not place liquids, proteins, dairy, fat trimmings, oils, baked goods, coffee pods, bio plastics, glass, pet waste or metal in your green bin. 

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