• 15 May 2017
    Residential Fire Related Regulations

    With summer now upon us, many Martensville residents may partake and enjoy more outdoor activities in their backyards and patios. There have been a few complaints regarding backyard fires being dangerous and not following the Fire Prevention Bylaw. The Martensville Fire Department would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the regulations for Residential Outdoor Fire Pits, Barbeques, Wood Piles and Fireworks to ensure the safety of themselves and others in our community.

    Outdoor Fire Pits

    Every use of an outdoor fire pit within the city limits of Martensville shall not be used unless the following measures are taken in consideration to limit their spread:

    • Fire must be contained within a non-combustible fire box constructed of material such as cement, brick or metal and covered with a heavy gauge metal screen.
    • The Martensville Fire Department recommends that fire pits be situated at least 3 meters (9.8 feet) from any combustible materials (ie. fences or buildings).
    • The size of the fire box of any outdoor burning facility shall not exceed .61 cubic meters (2 feet).
    • A receptacle shall be covered with a heavy gauge screen with openings not exceeding 13 millimeters (0.5 inches).
    • Only cut, seasoned wood or charcoal shall be used to fuel outdoor fires. The burning of the following materials is prohibited:
      • Rubbish; Defined as: 1. Waste material; refuse or litter 2. Material that is considered unimportant or valueless
      • Garden refuse; Defined as: Natural organic matter discarded from gardens and yards including leaves, grass clippings, prunings, brush and stumps
      • Manure;
      • Livestock or animal carcasses; and
      • Any material which when burned will generate black smoke or an offensive odour including insulation from electrical wiring or equipment, asphalt roofing materials, hydrocarbons, plastics, rubber materials, creosoted wood or any similar material.
    • All outdoor fires shall have responsible supervision at all times to prevent their spread.
    • No person shall light an outdoor fire when the weather conditions are conducive to creating a running fire or allowing the smoke from the fire to be a nuisance to another person (smoke drift).
    • Open-air fires shall be adequately ventilated to ensure proper combustion to prevent an unreasonable accumulation of smoke. If smoke from an open-air fire causes an unreasonable interference with the use and enjoyment of another person’s property, the fire shall be extinguished immediately.
    • The City Martensville may issue a “Permit” to a person to set an open-air fire as part of a block party, community event or similar special function or celebration. In this event, the Martensville Fire Department may waive any requirements of this Section with respect to the permitted open-air fire, but the permit holder shall comply with all other requirements of this Section and any other conditions attached to the Permit by the City of Martensville.

    The use of outdoor fire pits within the City of Martensville is regulated by the Martensville Fire Department and the City of Martensville Bylaw Enforcement which falls under the City of Martensville Fire Prevention Bylaw 47-2006. Please note that the Martensville Fire Department may be called to extinguish any fires that do not comply with the Fire Prevention Bylaw.


    Every use of a Barbecue or similar device within the city limits of Martensville shall:

    • Use the barbecue in a reasonable and safe manner;
    • keep the barbecue, when lit, a sufficient distance from all combustible
    • material;
    • refrain from leaving the barbecue unattended, when lit;
    • keep the barbecue in a reasonable state of repair; and
    • comply with all federal and provincial regulations governing the use and storage of propane cylinders.
    • If any person uses a barbecue or similar device on a balcony, the following provisions apply:
      • Solid fuel barbecues or similar cooking devices shall not be used;
      • propane cylinders shall not exceed the 20-pound size;
      • propane cylinders shall not be repaired, stored or contained within the building;
      • propane cylinders shall be shut off at the tank valve when not in use;
      • propane cylinders shall be connected and secured to the barbecue;
      • propane cylinders shall be kept in an upright position at all times including when cylinders are in transit, in service or in storage;
      • if a building has a freight or service elevator, propane cylinders shall be delivered to and from the dwelling units within the building using that elevator. If a building has a passenger elevator only, propane cylinders may be delivered to and from dwelling units within the building using that elevator as long as no passengers other than the person who owns the tank or maintenance or delivery personnel are on the elevator at the time of the delivery.

    Wood Piles

    A person may store lumber, timber or firewood on a residential property within the City of Martensville subject to the following restrictions:

    • The yard or storage area shall be surrounded by a firmly anchored fence that is substantially constructed to discourage climbing and unauthorized entry;
    • the total amount of lumber, timber and firewood stored on the property shall not exceed one cord; and
    • the lumber, timber or firewood shall be stored at least 3 meters (9.8 feet) from any dwelling on the property, and at least 1 meter (3.2 feet) from any property line.
    • These restrictions do not apply to lumber or timber stored on site during the construction of any building on a residential property.


    • Sale of Fireworks
      • No person shall sell any high hazard fireworks to another person unless the person is a fireworks supervisor.
      • No person shall sell any low hazard fireworks to person unless the person is 18 years of age or older.
    • Setting off Fireworks
      • No permit is required for a private fireworks display.
      • No person shall set off any fireworks in a manner that would create a danger or nuisance to another person or property.
      • No person shall set off any fireworks on a street or public area except as part of a public fireworks display as permitted by this Bylaw.
      • A permit for a private fireworks display using low hazard fireworks out at a designated park area within the City of Martensville limits may be issued by the City of Martensville, providing the applicant has the minimum insurance and liability coverage as outlined in Section 39, subsection 5 of this bylaw.
      • No person shall set off any fireworks on a school site without the prior written consent of the Board of Education that owns the site, and without first obtaining a public fireworks display permit from the City of Martensville. Only low hazard fireworks may be discharged in a public display on a school site.
      • No person under 18 years of age shall set off any fireworks except under the direct supervision of a parent, guardian or other responsible adult.
      • No parent or guardian of a child under 18 years of age shall allow or permit the child to set off any fireworks, except when under the direct supervision of the parent or guardian.

    Civic Address

    • To avoid any delay of an emergency response to your residence in the need of the Fire Department, please have the civic address of your residence or structure prominently displayed on the front of the building so it is clearly visible from the street. This is required as per Section 25 of the Fire Prevention Bylaw.

    The Martensville Fire Department would like to wish you and your family a safe and fun filled summer. Thank you for keeping our community fire safe.

    Martensville Fire Department


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