• 12 Apr 2017
    Notice on Aeration Facility Repairs and Lagoon Management

    On March 9, 2017, a fire occurred in the Aeration Building at the City’s Waste Water Lagoon Facility, located approximately 0.5 KM south of the City. The fire destroyed 3 large compressors which are used to aerate the waste water treatment system, ensure proper treatment, and assist with odour abatement.

    Within hours of the fire occurring, City crews secured and installed a diesel powered air compressor. While the temporary compressor is capable of meeting the Facility’s air handling needs, it is not able to aerate the facility at the same capacity. Even with the fine bubbler system that was implemented at the Lagoon in 2015, the absence of the large compressors may result in a reduction of our ability to reduce odours that occur naturally during the waste water treatment process.

    Reducing odour is our primary concern throughout this interim operation. Once the compressors are repaired and replaced, which we expect to be over the next several weeks, the system will return to normal and odours will be reduced. The City thanks you for your patience during this interim period. 

    Future plans for managing waste water and other information is available by opening this notice.


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