• 13 Apr 2017
    New Updates on Aeration Repairs at the Waste Water Lagoon Facility

    This information is an update to the April 12th news release on the actions taking place after the Aeration Building Fire of March 9th

    On March 9th, a fire destroyed 3 large compressors which are used to aerate the waste water treatment system that ensures proper treatment and reduces odour.

    Reducing odour is the top priority to ensure comfort for all residents.  Interim measures have been taken, this includes implementing a diesel powered air compressor that was installed hours after the fire.  However the absence of the large compressors that run the fine bubbler system that was installed in 2015 challenge the ability to reduce odours that occur naturally during the treatment process.

    Expected timelines to completely restore aeration capacity are as follows:

    • The Motor Control Centre (MCC) which runs and regulates power to the compressors will be in on May 17th.
    • 2 of the 3 compressors are expected back at the Lagoon Facility within 2 weeks and will be installed and commissioned with the MCC on May 17th.
    • 1 remaining high capacity compressor is expected back at the Lagoon Facility in approximately 11 weeks.

    We have commenced peroxide treatment to enhance oxidation through the treatment process.

     We emphasize reducing odour is our primary concern throughout these operations. We are working to restore aeration levels as quickly as possible to return treatment to normal and control odour from the Lagoon Facility.

    The City thanks you for your patience during this period.   

    For further information on the aeration and treatment process and future waste water click on this notice.


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