• 19 Apr 2017
    Municipal Sustainability Plan 2017-2020 Released

    The City of Martensville is releasing its Municipal Sustainability Plan 2017-2020 (MSP 2017-2020). The MSP helps administration build its operational plans on the identified priorities.

    The City of Martensville Municipal Sustainability Plan was initially created in 2014. Since then, Administration and Council have been updating and using the Plan to guide departmental plans and budgets so that the City can continue to deliver the programs and services residents need and want within available human and financial resources. This new Plan is built off that original work and sets some new priorities as the City grows toward 2020. This plan was started and developed in January 2017 through a facilitated session between Administration and Council which included two new Council members that had been elected the October municipal election.

    “This plan is a proactive approach to capitalizing on the strengths and positive things happening in Martensville. This plan also reflects the ideas and priorities of the new City Council”, says Kent Muench, Mayor of the City of Martensville. “As with the previous Plan, Council will work with Administration and monitor quarterly our progress on our priority areas and to evaluate outcomes”.

    The Plan is based on five pillars of sustainability – Governance, Culture, Social, Environment and Economy. These are fundamental areas the City believes will propel Martensville to the forefront of municipal best practices and achieve sustainability. The Plan sets out goals for each pillar, and strategies to achieve them. It is dynamic and evolving so that new issues, challenges, trends and opportunities can be evaluated and integrated into Administration’s work plans.

    Some of the priority areas identified in the plan include putting in place regional water and wastewater agreements for the benefit of the community and putting in place those services for residents. This plan also places emphasis on increasing non-residential land inventory, the protection and facilitation of green spaces especially around the Opimahaw Creek, expansion of recreation facilities and ensuring proper level of policing.

    The City will be providing additional communications about the plan in the upcoming weeks including the Highlights Brochure, digital media and an Open House engagement.

    To view the Plan, open the City of Martensville Municipal Sustainability Plan.  Also availaible to read is the official News Release



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