• 21 Sep 2017
    Lane and General Cleanup

    The City of Martensville would like to supply the residents with information regarding the annual “Lane and General Clean-up” program. Our Public Works Department with the help of Urban Camp will be out during specified dates to pick up items that are listed below. It is our hope that by offering this service it will eliminate the amount of trash and debris that is dumped in back lanes, at the City yard waste depot, and business/contractor dumpsters. This program is intended for residential household yard cleanup waste, and not intended for commercial and industrial business waste. It is the responsibility of residents to ensure that their waste is disposed of properly. Any waste not picked up or not meeting the criteria for pickup must be disposed of properly through an approved disposal means to avoid prosecution under the Waste Bylaw. 

    List of Acceptable Items 

    • Household appliances (fridge, stove & freezers, all doors must be removed)
    • Furniture
    • Torn down fence material (four foot lengths & tied)
    • Rocks
    • Garden refuse, leaves & grass clippings (all bagged)
    • Tree Branches (four foot lengths & tied)
    • Pieces of scrap material including material from small renovations (four foot lengths & tied)

    Items That Will Not Be Picked Up

    • Hazardous materials
    • Sod, topsoil and gravel
    • Any liquids
    • Construction materials
    • Car parts
    • Tires
    • Computers & parts
    • Batteries
    • Televisions
    • Concrete

    Where can I dispose of items you aren't picking up?

    More information on available services for disposal of special items as well as a list of places to recycle some of the above items is listed on the City website under Services For Residents/Waste & Recycling.  Notices about special collection events such as Hazardous Household Waste Collection Day will be posted on the City of Martensville website as information becomes available. 

    2017 Collection Schedule

    Residents that live North of Main Street will need to have their items out by October 2nd - 8:00 AM.  

    Residents that live South of Main Street will need to have their items out by October 10th - 8:00 AM

    Please note that the City will be making one pass only. 

    When can I place items out for collection?

    All residents with back lanes shall not place any items out in the lane until one week prior to pickup each year. All residents without back lanes shall not place any items curbside until the day before pickup. Please ensure that the items placed in the lanes and curbside are not restrictive to traffic and you do not have anything in the lane that you do not want removed. The City will not be responsible for anything left in the back lanes by residents. 

    Please kindly keep the lane bordering your property maintained to ensure a safe and quick collection. 

    Thank you for your cooperation in making this event a success!


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