• 08 Sep 2017
    Business is Booming in Martensville! City Campaigning to Bring More Business to Martensville

    Business is Booming in Martensville, and the City wants people to know it! This summer, the City launched a radio awareness campaign designed to encourage business owners to invest in Martensville. And this fall, the City will launch a series of videos featuring local business owners.

    “The goal of the campaign is to tell the story of business growth and success in Martensville both through the eyes of the City and through its business owners, and to encourage others to be part of the business success that’s happening here,” says Dillon Shewchuk, Community and Economic Development Manager for the City of Martensville.

    Shewchuk says we all want to ensure that business has a positive environment to operate in, this past year, the City lowered its own commercial mill rate factor that provides some tax relief, as well as providing tax incentives for businesses wishing to expand.

    “We’re still in a fortunate position here in Martensville as we continue to enjoy one of the lowest business property tax gaps in Saskatchewan,” says Shewchuk. “There are so many competitive advantages to owning a business in Martensville beyond our competitive tax environment, and we want to continue working with business owners and the Chamber to leverage these advantages as much as possible.”

    Shewchuk hopes the radio and video promotional campaign will bring more profile to local businesses, and encourage new businesses to come to Martensville. “With continued investment, not only do existing businesses benefit, but everyone in the community benefits as well, the community is simply more attractive with more options locally for goods, services and job opportunities”.

    The radio component of the Business is Booming campaign focusses on the advantages of doing business in Martensville such as tax exemptions and incentives the City offers, business advantages such as a young, affluent and educated population, the availability of commercial land for purchase or lease, and the continued movement of national brands like Canadian Tire into the community.

    The videos feature local Martensville business owners discussing the factors that influenced them to set up in Martensville, and how the City supports them in achieving their business goals. The videos will be shared with regional business organizations, existing and prospective business owners, as well as the public via social media.

     “Thank you to, Martensville Plumbing and Heating, Smokehaus Meats & Deli, Canadian Tire, Mr. Mikes Steakhouse Casual, Razertip Industries, and Martensville Collective Health and Wellness for being a part of this project,” says Shewchuk. “Like our campaign says, we want to help your business succeed! Be part of our success by building your business in Martensville!”

    The Business is Booming campaign videos are located at martensville.ca, Youtube and Vimeo.

    For more City of Martensville news, information on programs and services, and links to our social media channels, please visit martensville.ca.


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